One of the more “mysterious” haunts we heard about this year was the “13th Floor Experience” at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. The haunt takes victims up to the 13th floor of the hotel, where there are 13 themed, scary rooms. It supposedly takes 13 minutes to go through, and costs (yeah, you guessed it) $13. But details have been scarce about this haunt, and we haven’t seen any reviews posted yet. However, posted a video last week that actually shows a few of the rooms plus the hallway. It does look interesting. We’re curious about the flow of the haunt: do you walk into the room and then walk out the same door? Or are the rooms connected somehow to make it more “maze like” (for example, by opening the connecting doors between rooms)? From the video, it looks like you walk into the room, have a look, and then walk out (which seems a little strange, actually). If you’ve been to the 13th Floor, we’d love to hear about the experience.

Here is the video:


  1. so i went saturday after adveturedome with my aunt nd three uncles ! which makes five nd they put us with two strangers cause they take 7 ppl at a time .. 13 dollars 13th floor nd 13 minutes ! every room is decorated nd has its own little story ! at first i thought i had the guts to go in fearless nd wlk out fearless bt oh no no ! as you walk in the room all you see are scary mannequins then as the tourist is telling you the story someone pops out ! i was so scared i deliberately held onto the two strangers ! it is so worth the wait nd money ! if id have to choose, thee scariest one was the butcher room ! i mean cmon now, fake dead hanging bodies nd a psycho widduh knife ? anyways, you should definitely check it out if yer into thrills :)

    • Sounds fun! And scary! I wish we could make it out to Vegas this year. We might put this on our “to-do” list for 2011.

  2. Lol Im going for my 13th birthday (maybe) hopefully I wont piss my pants. But my aunt has went there before, haha she was wearing flipflops running out but left one behind! None of my uncles or her cousins wanted to go back for it.’ How scary it must be. She got it back though, * Has convinced one of her cousins

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