Some of you might have seen the survey that came out just yesterday from Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. They’ve asked that the link not be posted or that the contents not be shared, so we won’t go into too much detail here.

Bu what we can (loosely) infer from the survey is that they may be weighing the possibility of moving/revising the Terror Tram location for next year. A couple of questions asked whether (as a guest) you enjoyed the War of the Worlds and Bates Motel sets, and whether you’d like to see them return next year with new elements or if you’d rather see a different part of the backlot entirely.

Of course, our opinion is that we’d love to see a new section of the backlot. The War of the Worlds set is cool, but they’ve been taking guests through there for several years now, so the novelty of it has worn off. Also, it doesn’t lend itself to scares very well, as the scareactors are out in the open and easy to spot, and you can easily see those ahead of you getting scared. We’re sure there are other parts of the property that would be great for the Terror Tram. Regardless of their decision, they need to inject some life into this attraction. It’s getting a bit stale.

The rest of the survey asks about what horror films you’d like to see made into a maze. There are a lot of options on the survey, and surely not all are possibilities. We think some of the more interesting suggestions include Evil Dead, Silent Hill, Jeepers Creepers, The Hills Have Eyes, Poltergeist, and the Descent. A classic Universal monsters maze would also be kind of cool, and given John Murdy’s love for those monsters, we’re sure it would be highly detailed.

If you want to check out the survey yourself, go to HHN Hollywood’s Facebook page and look for the survey link.