Recently, Universal Hollywood sent out a survey asking which themes would we like to see at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Scare Zone took good note of all the themes they asked about, and we believe this gives us some ideas about what we can expect to see this year. Last year was full of remakes with Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and Jigsaw making return appearances. We can only hope that this year will be completely refreshed, and by looking at the list (below) there is a full slate of new options available.

We’ve separated out the movies from Universal, New Line Cinema, and Lionsgate studios which we believe would be more likely to be made since Universal has already partnered with them in previous years. In addition, we noted 2011 movies that could also be strong candidates due to their relevancy. We’re not sure if the video game or TV show themes would be worthy of their own mazes, but all is fair game and we’re hoping that they expand beyond last year’s 5 mazes (Mr. Murdy, please give us at least 6 original ones, not counting House of Horrors and Terror Tram).

Take a look for yourself and leave a comment letting us know which 6 themes you’d like to see come to life. We’ll share your feedback with Mr. Murdy himself.

Which themes would you like to see this year?

Themes from Universal

  • Evil Dead/Army of Darkness
  • House of 1000 Corpses –featured in ’00 and ’10
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Universal Studios Classic Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.)
  • The Wolfman (2010 remake)

Themes from Lionsgate

  • Hostel
  • My Bloody Valentine  -featured in ’09
  • The Descent
  • Saw -featured in ’09 & ’10

Themes from New Line Cinema

  • Freddy Vs. Jason
  • Friday the 13th -featured in ’07, ’08, ’10
  • Scream *2011
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street -featured in ’07, ’08, ’10
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -featured in ’07, ’08

Themes from Other Studios

  • Poltergeist
  • The Crazies
  • Stephen King Films (IT, The Shining, etc.)
  • Paranormal Activity *2011
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • 28 Days Later
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • The Walking Dead
  • Resident Evil
  • Halloween (Michael Myers) –  Character copyright owned by Malek Akkad and featured in ’09
  • The Exorcist
  • Trick ‘r Treat
  • Zombieland
  • Silent Hill
  • Jeepers Creepers
  • Hellraiser -Clive Barker themes featured ’98 – ’00
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  • Hatchet

Themes from TV Shows

  • True Blood
  • Dexter

Themes from Video Games

  • Left 4 Dead
  • Biohazard

When speculating about which movies may or may not end up as mazes for 2011, we have been getting some hints from John Murdy himself via Twitter. Mr. Murdy tweets A LOT. And he’s also very kind to answer almost every question he gets. And if you read through his responses, you will get some clues as to what concepts stand a chance for consideration:

Wolfman: “we just don’t see that many people asking for that particular film”

Silent Hill: “doesn’t test well with our guests”

Dawn of the Dead: “rights are a bit tricky”

Zombieland: “didn’t see a whole lot of things that translate to a maze”

The Exorcist: John has said he’d love to do a maze based on this movie, but he can’t get the rights

Trick ‘r Treat and Evil Dead: “on the short list”

3D maze: is a “strong possibility” for this year

6th maze: “nothing official yet but I’m pushing for that”

More updates (1/12):

on the possibility of a maze based on a video game : “Honestly, no. Tested a few and they didn’t do well with our fan base.”

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  1. I think 6 good maze themes would be paranormal activity, Freddy vs. Jason, House of 1000 corpses (only cause i didnt get to walk it last year.), the exorcist, dead silence…thats all i could come up with!

    Happy haunts!

      • you would have the freak photo and slamming doors and all the creepy out of place things and the at the very end, you would have the posessed girl come out of somewhere to scare the guests one last time

        • I think that a maze like that would be really scarey. I would love to see them attempt this type of maza :)

      • Here in Orlando they did Legendary truth which was a haunting house and they did an awesome job!!

  2. » Jeepers Creepers
    » The Hills Have Eyes
    » Freddy Vs. Jason
    » The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    » Universal Studios Classic Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.)
    » The Crazies
    My family has voted and these are our picks, I hope to see some of these at HHN 2011!!

    • The Crazies could work especially if they worked in the military theme but at some point without a lot of thought the zombies from all the movies start blending together. The Hills Have Eyes would be pretty darned good. _still cant beleive Silent Hill wont make it _

  3. I vote for Hills Have Eyes and Jeepers Creepers. I also think Poltergeist would make a good maze. There are a lot of different elements in that movie, so I think they could create many different environments, which they look for when making a maze.

    But if I had to bet on which will actually become a maze this year, my money’s on Evil Dead. I also have a strong suspicion House of 1000 Corpses will be back this year. It seemed to be the most popular maze in 2010, so I’m sure it will be resurrected for at least one more year.

  4. I’d want them to make Trick ‘r Treat, Evil Dead, and Jeepers Creepers. I agree that they will probably bring back House of 1000 Corpses. From a business stand point I can also see them doing a Freddy vs. Jason maze which will let them claim it’s a new maze while being able to recycle the elements from the previous mazes. I also see Scream being a strong contender since it’s a popular franchise and the sequel is coming out this year. Ghostface will make a good HHN Icon. They can set the maze like Scream 3 where it’s studio making a movie based on the events from parts 1 & 2.

  5. HHN Orlando is able to do much better with almost all original stuff. Why not just get creative and do a bunch of original houses for once?

    • Murdy has specifically said that we shouldn’t look at Universal Orlando and Hollywood’s events as the same. He believes that, as a real, functioning movie studio, Hollywood has a heritage which better lends itself to doing movie tie-ins.

      Also, most of the themes you see at Universal Orlando closely follow movie or TV plots without using an actual IP. See: Run, Ship of Screams, Horror in Wax, Hostile Territory, Zombiegeddon, Legendary Truth, etc…

      With all that said, I have the understanding that Trick ‘r Treat has already been optioned.

      • Trick ‘r Treat will be a great theme for the Terror Tram, that can use the residential street settings or even reuse the war of the world’s set (even though we want something different).

  6. I’d have to agree with Matt E. Horn on 5 of the 6 mazes for all the reason he cited.

    Here’s what I think we’ll see in 2011:

    >> House of 1000 Corpses – Expect this to return as John’s 3D maze
    >> Freddy Vs. Jason — 2 brand names plus you get to recycle previous mazes
    >> Scream — A new HHN icon plus a 2011 movie tie-in
    >> Trick ‘r Treat and Evil Dead — Because they’re on John’s short list
    >> Saw or Texas Chainsaw Massacre — For the same recycling reasons listed above

    And what about True Blood in House of Horrors as a replacement for the generic Vampyres theme?

    Thanks to Scare Zone for putting together this incredibly comprehensive list.

    Can’t wait for HHN 2011. Here’s hoping we get 6 mazes.

  7. scare zones-dawn of the dead, something with vampires

    mazes- trick or treat,scream, Halloween, Resident Evil,Stephen King Films IT,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    terror tram- trick or treat

  8. we’ve said it for the last 2 years and will keep saying it until it happens:

    bring on Hellraiser in some form! Would love to see room after room of terrfying Cenobites, and you know with Universal’s budget the costuming/masks would be AMAZING

    of course, we wouldn’t complain about an Evil Dead appearance either ;)

    and, like we mentioned to John at HHN’10–get those Dead Silence sets/masks from HHN Orlando! That maze was hands-down the BEST maze we’ve been in EVER, with 2010’s Legendary Truth coming in a close second.

  9. The Crazies, Dawn of the Dead,Left 4 Dead,28 Days Later, Resident evil (ax man), 28 weeks later, walking dead,Stephen King Films (IT, The Shining, etc.)

    • IT scares the hell out of me that would be a very good maze, a part i remember from the movie is the prt that a little kid is playing with a little paper boat and it falls in the drainage and The clown pops up and tells the kid to go down with him… CHILLS…CHILLS…CHILLS…

  10. 6 mazes would be good.
    One maze that will be bck for sure will probrly be House of A Thousand corpses.
    That leaves 5
    But House of Horrors is in there soo
    4 new mazes.

  11. One thing I really don’t expect to return is La Llorona. I think that was a definite flop last year. People seemed really confused about the whole “crying woman” concept. Plus, it wasn’t scary at all.

  12. SO here are my votes:
    Stephen king flims
    Silent Hill-HELLO EPIC? the nurse scene???
    &mabe texas chainsawbut it needs tome improvedand changed

    • EXACTLY!!!!! the nurse scene was crazy! epic. And all the fire and smoke and ……… everything about that movie was disturbing from the visuals to the story line….

  13. Honestly I believe that these mazes would make HHN ’11 amazing

    >Scream (because I mean the movie is coming out this year,plus it hasn’t had a maze yet…..)
    >The Hills Have Eyes (Terror Tram because it mostly takes place outdoors)
    >The Crazies or Dawn of the Dead (Who doesn’t love Zombies)
    >Original Maze (Killer Klownz, I believe they have scared great enough to have their own maze)
    >Original Maze (Psycho Asylum, who doesn’t want to see an Asylum filled with loose Psychos and Freaks?)
    >The Descent (Really Cloustrophobic Maze, like literally make us try to fit through some spaces)

    In my opinion these would be great….

    • Knott’s already uses the clown and asylum themes so Universal should do someting different. The Descent would be better at Knott’s in the mine train or log ride.

    • Totally agree with the origials. clownz and asylum scare zones were so well done. if knotts has them already, who cares. HHN can do it better

  14. u guys should put the craizes,hatchet,the hill have eyes,the walking dead,and killer clowns from outer space for scare zones

    these mazes should be scary just like trick r treat,paranormal activity,jeepers creepers,freddy vs jason ,and hellraiser.

    and 4 the terror tram it should be hatchet becuz he was teased alot when he was little and in the terror tram u should put the craizes and trick r treat

    those ideas will scare the people who will go 2 halloween horror nights 2011 hollywood

  15. I am very excited for this years Horror night! and having 6 mazes sounds great! But honestly i think if your gunna have 6 mazes and a terror tram and the couple rides Universal studios has i think they should add another hour or 2 till closing because i barley made it to the last maze and every maze was like an hour or a little more wait. i mean i had a good time but being rushed isn’t that great. Also a little more monsters out in the walk ways maybe because there were some dead spots last year. but last year was great. im hoping this year is even better:).

  16. I am really looking forward to this years Halloween Horror nights wow
    I think these mazes would be pretty cool to make it to HHN 2011

    >Halloween Resurrection
    >Scream 2011
    >Trick or Treat
    >Dead silence
    >freddy VS Jason

  17. …i really don’t want to see Freddy vs. Jason, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Dead Silence because it was used already and they had their 15 minutes of fame already. I would love to see some
    >Scream because its something new…i wouldn’t really like to see him as an icon though..i cant really see him doing that.

    >Voldemort…they already have harry potter idk why they don’t do something with it :) a voldemort house would be perfect

    >The Hills Have Eyes…It new and it hasn’t been used before and its pretty fucking scaaaary :)

    >It… would be effing amazing. HE scares the shit outta everyone and he brings back terrifying childhood memories. :D

    Left 4 Dead…It has an awesome story line and its easy to make a scarezone or a house for….just throw some witches, jockeys, tanks, boomers, hunters and chargers in there and you’re good to go :)

    • You’re right about Voldemort… but how do you think that House it would be? and Scream Idk… but it doesnt seem to scary for a Haunted House…

  18. its not on the list but

    El Cucuy
    La Mano Peluda
    El Chupacabras
    … Might as well since they added the llorona.

  19. They should add Candyman because I think that he is one of the best horror villains aside from Jason Voorhees,Freddy Krueger ect. But they should really think about adding Candyman

  20. I think Bloody Mary should be brought back along with Mary Shaw. Also I read somewhere metion the idea of a Thirteen Ghosts house which sounds like it would be awesome. Paranormal Activity also sounds good, as does Dawn of the Dead and The Hills Have Eyes. What do you guys think?

  21. dead silence maze, 13 ghosts maze, 28 weeks later scarezone, evil klown maze, the collector maze, jack the ripper scarezone, and anything that will scare the crap out of me ive been dying to see a horror nights that makes me shake and my mind play tricks on me something bloody gory and totally new good luck universal.

  22. Paranormal Activity!
    Jeepers Creepers
    the wolfman! I didnt go last year and didnt get to see it!
    Another 3d maze i like those alot.
    The ExORCIST!!!
    Please have 6 mazes this year and dont cound the terror tram and the other one thats always there! Make hhn 2011 scarier than ever!
    Happy Haunt!
    SEE you soon hhn! :)

  23. The Wolfman, Halloween, Another 3d maze would be awesome. I think a child’s play 3d maze focusing from the beginning days of charles lee ray up until his last movie would be cool. plus a remake is in the works.
    also you should definitely have a dexter maze or something. Dexter is one of the coolest shows out right now. its all about blood. what could be betteR? :)

  24. The Wolfman, Halloween, Another 3d maze would be awesome. I think a child’s play 3d maze focusing from the beginning days of charles lee ray up until his last movie would be cool. plus a remake is in the works.
    also you should definitely have a dexter maze or something. Dexter is one of the coolest shows out right now. its all about blood. what could be betteR? :)
    plus they should bring in special guests from horror classics and have maybe a Q&A table or something. something new and fun.

  25. i think that Dead Silence would be a great maze to do but how would you remake a paranormal activity into a maze?

  26. Im SUPER DUPER excited to see that there will possibly be a “Scream” and “Paranormal Activity” Maze! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those movies and they will make AMAZINLGY GREAT SCARE-TASTIC mazes! I agree with “Bella” For 2 years I’ve thought that Dead Silence, would make a super duper scary maze that the public will LOVE! I can imagine now, walking into a dark maze and all of a sudden that creepy music comes on, and theres all these puppets with their eyes moving with you as you walk thru :O
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see texas chainsaw massacre maze back, since 07, and 08. It scared the living Sh*T out of me, and i LOVED IT!!!! It was BEYOND scary! I would LOVE LOVE to see it back again!!! Freddy Vs. Jason is also a GREAT ONE! their both so scary, and put together they do damage! Also, THE HILLS HAVE EYES would be a GOOOD ONE!!!! and OMG OMG jeepers creeepers would be a fantastic maze I WOULD LOVEEEE FOR IT TO BECOME A MAZE!

  27. even though it wasnt that sacry but 13 ghosts would be a really good maze becuz the house pretty much is a maze with glass and trick doors and strobes and awesome range of characters of all sizes and shape

  28. Here’s what I would like to see at HHN 2011:
    Scream (Duh, Movie coming out this year, and it still has not been made a house/Scarezone)
    It (C’mon, everyone loves a good clown, and they wont be using Jack anymore)
    Saw (Recycling purposes and a fantastic house to remake)
    Freddy vs. Jason (Thats 2 for the price of 1! That leaves room for another house)
    Left 4 Dead (Just because I love the game, and I think it would make a FANTASTIC house)
    Zombieland ( That could be the comedic house for 2011 cause you have to have at least 1 comedic house or else its not HHN)
    Dead Silence (Fans love Scary Dolls and Chucky didn’t do so hot in 2009 so why not have Billy take Chucky’s place?)

    Even if none of these are the houses for HHN 21 it’s still gonna be a scary, fun, and amazing time. Hope to see you all at HHN this year!



  30. Dexter is a really popular show and i think it’d be awesome if Universal came up with their own serial killer and did a house of horrors type of thing, or a in the life of a serial killer, watching them cut up body parts and bathrooms filled with acid and bones. Left 4 dead would be such a great idea to, or atleast a cool scare zone

  31. Id rather go for the classic monsters,saw,paranormal activity
    ,scream,trick r treat,and the stephen kings movies like IT
    and pet cemetary cause people these days don’t know wat its
    like to see the classic universal monsters like frankin stein nd his
    Bride nd IT cause that scared the fuck outa meee…. lik fuck I
    Couldn’t sleep that night any ways I really wana see paranormaly activity
    “What’s not to fear” happy thinking

  32. They should make a saw 3-D maze like the movie feel the action happening uso phyced to go to the halloween horror nights 2011
    Nd see wat they have put knew nd wats old

  33. Halloween (Michael Myers)
    Stephen King Movies (It, The Shining, etc.)
    Freddy Vs. Jason
    Classic Movie Monsters
    Zombieland (I love this movie but agree with the fact that not much can translate to a maze, but it would be a great comedic one!)
    Friday The 13th

    P.S. I know this isn’t on the the list but Silence of the Lambs! I mean c’mon, Buffalo Bill’s basement would make for a scary maze!)

    I can’t wait for this year!

  34. Let me just start off by saying that the Halloween maze from 2 years ago I believe, was one of the best and scariest mazes I’ve even been through. That being said, here are my top 6 choices

    1. Dawn Of The Dead or 28 Days Later
    2. Scream
    3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
    4. The Crazies
    5. Poltergeist
    6. It must have a horror icon so I say bring back the Halloween maze, or the original Nightmare on Elm St. Maze or the original Friday the 13th Maze.


  35. i would loooveee to see an exorcist maze buutt i think ALOT of ppl including myself would be waayy to scared to go in lol

    but anyways id like to see
    trick r treat
    paranormal activity
    dead silence
    killer klowns from outer space =]

  36. i think 13 ghosts (the more recent one) would make a really cool 3D maze, with the theme and different ghosts.

  37. I would love to see Silent Hill, The Crazies, Paranormal Activity, and possibly a nostalgic maze featuring the old classic monsters. Although, I don’t think that will work, to be honest. But, it’s well worth a try. I agree with the House of Wax thing inside the House of Horrors. That’d be pretty cool. :)

    Can’t wait to see what Halloween Horror Nights has in store for 2011!

  38. All the mazes I’ve seen people suggesting are the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.
    If it were up to you to make a Halloween Horror Nights theme you would make no money bcuz people like mainstream horror movies you idiots.

    My Suggestions:
    Trick R Treat
    Friday The 13th
    13 Ghosts 3-D
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Terror Tram:
    The Crazies

    …This would make so much money, I could buy one of you.

  39. I feel HHN should really change it up and make it different
    Mazes should feature: Michael Jackson going after kids, Lady Gaga going psychotic, Lindsay Lohan high on drug and trying to steal, Chris Brown beating various women, Twilight gone bad, and Kesha ear raping people with autotune.
    Terror Tram should feature: The Illuminati
    The slogan should be: Celebrity Takeover

  40. Which themes would you like to see this year?

    Themes from Universal

    * House of 1000 Corpses -featured in ’00 and ’10

    Themes from Lionsgate

    * The Descent

    Themes from Other Studios

    * The Crazies
    * Paranormal Activity *2011
    * The Hills Have Eyes
    * 28 Days Later
    * Resident Evil

    Themes from Video Games

    * Biohazard

  41. i think this year they should have:


    There should be new mazes and make this year more SCARY than ever before.
    But the top best should be THE EXORSIST.
    Im really looking for this year to have new mazes.
    I did a countdown of the people who gave their opinions on mazes here they are:

    1)SCREAM (14)
    2)TRECK R TREAT (13)
    5)HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (8)

    I also think that JACK THE CLOWN should be replaced by IT.

  42. My Bloody Valentine
    Friday the 13th
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    The Crazies
    Paranormal Activities

    ^^^^^^^ i would attend this without hesitation

  43. My top choices would be:

    *Paranormal Activity
    *The Exorcist
    ^^these two would be the first mazes I’d go to. I like ghost/entity movies.
    *Silent Hill
    *Stephen King’s It and/or The Shining
    *The Crazies

    13 Ghosts would be an awesome maze or at least a maze/scare zone inspired by it I loved the different ghosts in that movie.


  45. another good maze which i think they should make and this would be perfect and for everyone who would actualy love to get scare should be INSIDIOUS. Man i when with some friends to watch this movie last week and boy, did that scare the hell out of me and my friends and even everyone. This would make another good and scray maze for HHN11!. But here are my mazes.


  46. Poltersgate (Scary.. but it would look like the house Orlando threw last year “Legendary Truth which one really sucked!)
    The Exorcist (Super Scary Evil Voices surrounding the place)
    Jeepers Creepers (Very Scary…)
    Zombieland (This it would be awesome!)

    About Jason, Freddy, Saw and Halloween… Please Stop it Im not in Hollywood but come on they want to make the same houses every year…. They should google Mexican Scary Stories… those gives you goosebumps trust me!

    • Okay.I am really excited for HHN for these year. For these year they should keep the terror tram no doubt about that.they should add new stuff seeing freddy and jason again for these year will be boring.but hey Universal has many great ideas.they are the ones who created the horror of movies

  47. Poltersgate (Scary.. but it would look like the house Orlando threw last year “Legendary Truth which one really sucked!)
    The Exorcist (Super Scary Evil Voices surrounding the place)
    Jeepers Creepers (Very Scary…)
    Zombieland (This it would be awesome!)

    About Jason, Freddy, Saw and Halloween… Please Stop it Im not in Hollywood but come on they want to make the same houses every year…. They should google Mexican Scary Stories… those gives you goosebumps trust me!

  48. HHn HHN scared the shit out of me last year, but i dont think they should keep doing the same mazes every single year, so here are my picks for this year:
    >> Dawn of the Dead (hello?? zombies!!)
    >> Hostel (who wouldn’t like to see some blood and gore??)
    >> Scream ( it’s coming out this year, and it’s new so, why not??)
    >> Trick ‘r Treat (the movie scared the crap otta me, and i think it would do well as a maze)
    >> Paranormal Activity (a maze for this would be seriously awesome!!)

  49. I recently saw the movie Insidious and I would have to say that it would make a great haunted house! I think it would scare the crap out of everyone!

  50. Sorry for the stupid question, I am new to this site but I am a huge HHN (Hollywood) fan. I was wondering if it has been confirmed that Scream and Paranormal Actvity are going to be mazes this year since they have 2011 next to their name. Thanks guys :)

    • Nothing has been confirmed yet. The “2011” refers to the fact that there are new sequels out this year for those movies. After watching Scream 4 this past week, we didn’t see much in the movie that would make a good maze. Paranormal Activity also seems unlikely to be at HHN, since it would be hard to re-create the handheld videocamera vibe in a maze.

      So far, the top contenders seem to be Evil Dead, Trick or Treat (perhaps not a maze but a Terror Tram overlay). We’d also expect House of 1000 Corpses to come back, since it was really popular last year.

  51. I love HNN, I have been to it almost every year since I can remember. From what I had experienced from all of those years, is that some of the scariest houses I had been in was dead silence, leave it to cleaver, black X-mass, and Friday the 13th. All of these worked out to be so scary because they seemed so real, and because they had only been done once or twice. Maybe if the HNN team put some houses together making one super house like they had at Universal Studios Orlando in 2006, would make the experience a lot scarier. Also I personally think that any zombie house wouldn’t do very well because the idea had been over killed, not only does the makeup look like makeup, it just isn’t that scary, if you catch my drift. All I’m hoping for this year is to maybe get something a little different from the past years and not psycho scaripy redone over again for the fifth time.
    The houses that I think would be a hit…
    .Stephen King Films (IT, The Shining, etc.)
    .Universal Studios Classic Monsters
    .The Fourth Kind
    .the black dahlia
    .drag me to hell
    Hope that this could be helpful :)

  52. When do you think that they will announce the line up for the mazes? I know its only May but I was just sort of curious.

  53. I honestly think that “Quarantine”, “Insidious”, and “Slither” would make wonderful haunted mazes.

    • Knott’s did a Quaratine maze and I really enjoyed it. Now that was just Knott’s and the talent at Horror nights is much much better, I can only imagine how great of a maze this could be. I vote for Quaratine with out a doubt :)

  54. Another great theme should be a “Crazy” theme. And you should put in The Crazies and The Hills have eyes.

  55. My family and I go every other year and we are going this year and we think that paranormal activity, the descent, jeepers creepers, the crazies, 28 days later, the hills have eyes, and killer klowns from outer space would be great picks! The Descent would be very scary!! Hope to see some of these awesome ideas this year when we go!

  56. i think the decent the hills have eyes it and fready vs jason husk would be another good movie i am looking foward to it this year

  57. I think that a 3D maze would be real cool I go to hhn every year and I’ve never been in a 3D maze and I think it would bring in millions of fans to be the first in a 3D haunted maze

  58. i think they should do jack the clown and it the clown would be awsome and maybe pyco clown themed scar zones

  59. I like these ideas : stephen king
    silent hill
    paranormal act.
    Scream (a million times yes to scream!)
    The exorcist
    Trick r Treat

    • A million times yes to your choices. My vote is for the same exact mazes that Cora has picked……Oh gosh, I can’t wait to hear what the offical line up is :)

  60. Since the prequel to The Thing is coming out this year, do you think there might be a change of an Antarctic gory as hell maze based off that? It is a Universal Movie. Haha. :)

  61. The Thing could be possible. They did it at HHN Orlando back in 2007. We actually went through it then and it offered some very cool sets and props but it wasn’t very scary. The main reason is people would slow down to look at the sets so it made it difficult for the scareactors to time/reset scares.

  62. My dad and I are going this year just like every other year.However, we want to see new things of course.They should not have the same mazes like last year.they were cool and fun but they need to create new things. For example,
    1) Please no more saw it is getting boring year after year.
    2)Please do elm street but not the same like last year plzz.
    3)For the monsters walking around at the park create new masks for them.
    4) Do scarier clowns and do walk throught scare sections like last year.
    5) Do a 3D maze that was cool.
    6)Make the terror tram scarier …

  63. **Paranormal Activities**
    **Blair Witch**
    *Nightmare on Elm Street
    **Bloody Mary**
    *Drag me to hell
    **Jeepers Creepers**

    • Zombieland would be cool. Knott’s was supposed to have a Zombieland scare zone back in 2009 but ended up doing a lame Stepfather ‘scare room’ instead.

      • I was wondering what the Stepfather room was all about….that was one area that we did not get to in 2009. Was it scarey or just a waste of space. I know you said it was lame I am just curious to know what I missed :)

        • From what I remember, they brought you into this room in small groups and made you stand in the center. The room was made to look like a basement, with stairs going up to an “upstairs” area with a door. After some moments of suspense, the lights went out. You heard a man’s voice saying something that sounded like a reprimand, like “Billy, what are you doing down there?” or something like that. I can’t really remember the dialogue. I think a shadow appeared in the doorway to the basement (supposedly the stepfather). Then guys with chainsaws jumped out from behind the walls. It actually was sort of scary, but it was over all too quickly.

          Did you ever go through the early incarnation of Curse of the Spiderwoods as a “scare experience”? It was sort of like that.

  64. Freddy Vs. Jason
    Left 4 Dead
    Jeepers Creepers
    Paranormal Activity

    That would make the perfect halloween horror nights!
    I think making a scare zone based on a video game would change it up and make it exiting!
    Also a Freddy vs Jason scare zone would be really awesome!

  65. This whole HHN is out of control… it’s AWESOME !!! (In Orlando please and thank you.. lol!)
    I would like to see:

    * True Blood
    * The Hills Have Eyes
    * Michael Myers
    * Jeepers Creepers
    * Dexter
    * Silent Hill, it would be great if they can come up w/ the GRAVE DIGGER and that crazy looking nurse =)
    * IT
    * Scream ( since it came out this year )
    * Nightmare on Elm Street
    * 1000 Corpses
    * Trick r Treat
    * Hellraiser
    * 13 Ghosts 3-D
    * Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    and something to do w/ Biohazard…
    Now, this is what you call a great Halloween Horror Nights ;)

  66. Exorcist for sure. ALOT of people think killer clowns are scarrrry!
    Maybe Children of the corn for a maze?!!?

  67. i think they should do “Trick r Treat” , “Scream” , Rob Zombie’s Halloween , texas chainsaw massacre , my bloody valentine 3D , and a nightmare on elm street…4 scarezones it should be the strangers , la llorona ,friday the 13th ,saw ,the crazies , and insidious .the terror tram should be taken over by chucky ,billy(dead sience) ,and saw !ohh and another maze…Lady Gaga: im psychotic , monsTers!!!!

  68. House Of 1000 Corpses
    Trick r Treat
    The Hills Have Eyes
    Jeepers Creepers
    A Nightmare on Elm Street
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Stephen King Films
    28 Days Later


  69. army of darkness and evil dead will prob be the sam maze the will take u through the first movie at the beginning and end it with the second thats my thought

  70. I love all of the ideas, but the three I am really hoping for are Paranormal Activity, Scream, and Poltergiest!!! Hope to see them there!

  71. The Crazies, The Hills have Eyes, Dexter, A 3D Maze would definitely be cool, The Descent and Jeepers Creepers.

  72. In the year of 09 diddnt they have more than 6 mazes ? Why can’t you guys expand more mazes this year ?

    • No, they only had 4 mazes plus the Terror Tram in 2009. That’s the problem. They added another maze in 2010 and we hope for more in 2011.

  73. I think a maze based on Dead Space or Dead Space 2 would be a great addition to HHN, would’nt it be awsome to walk the dim hallways of a infested ship?


    • I have the annual pass and I have seen construction for many mazes.. I have seen more then six :) remeber last year where the jason maze was last year ? Well there building one there.. But also next to jurrasic park and terminator, shrek, terror tram and one down stairs where saw was use to be in :)

  75. i think in insidious is the new and scariest horror movie of 2011. i beleive it will show in HHN instead of scre4m. i beleive scream is a joke insidious is a nail biter

  76. i beeleive scream would be great for the part in hhn nobody can compare to tht serial killer!!!3:)

  77. I SO want House of 1000 Corpses!!! WAY excited over the prospect of a Hostel Maze. I am so doing VIP passes so Bring it on!

  78. I’ve been to Halloween Horror Nights last year and Ripped From the Silver Screen so I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t… But here’s my opinion-

    Thirteen ghost would be amazing, as well as Silent Hill- The monsters are scary for this game so it really works. Hellraiser is a very good option too.

    But please, NO Paranormal Activity. I don’t want another horror house where NOTHING comes out and I’m only seeing CGI or flashes of lights and loud noises. Exorcism is a much better option. And leave out the tv shows… Dexter wouldn’t be too scary because he only kills people who deserve to die and we don’t need True blood because of Twilight. Change the vampires out, no one is going to be scared of vampires from that series.

    Also if you’re going to do zombies… Make it like Dead Exposure! Dead Exposure was just kick ass.

  79. I would love to see a return of michael meyers, maybe even rob zombie’s version. jason vs freddie is a good way to combine both characters into one maze. The hills have eyes sounds good too. The evil dead/army of darkness, hell raiser, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM) would be great additions. Biohazard would translate well in the tram tour. How about night of the living dead? I was thinking that the house on haunted hill (1999)would translate well in your horror castle. How about a creepshow type of stage show instead of bill and teds adventure?

  80. i would love freddy vs. jason, the exorcist, 3d maze, dead silence, hostel, omg the hills have eyes is so disturbing to me but would do well , poltergeist all together equals mad horror yay i had so much fun in 10″ but hope its even better this year oh and i love chuckie would be nice to see him and tiffany :)

  81. maze…
    alice cooper
    trick or treat
    rob zombies
    freddy vs jason would be epic
    wolf man terror tram
    chucky scarezone
    frankenstien,dracula etc, scare zone
    one more this year
    zombieland scare zone
    best halloween horror nights ever

  82. nightmare on elm street, the hills have eyes, paranormal activity,friday the 13th, the crazies, and saw!
    all deffinatelys!!

  83. Mazes:
    Freddy Vs. Jason
    Paranormal Activity
    Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    The Hills Have Eyes
    Jeepers Creepers

    Scare Zones:
    Killer Clowns
    The Crazies
    Cirque De Freaks
    Left 4 Dead
    My Add In; Devils, Demonic Demons, and Possessed People
    & Gremilins led by their leader LADY GaGa!!!!

    Last One Scares Me The Most O_O

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