The Queen Mary is well-known as one of the most haunted locations in the entire world. A popular spot for ghost hunters, the ship has also been featured in many paranormal-related television shows and news reports over the years. The ship is also beloved by Southern California Haunt fans, as it’s served as the location for numerous haunts over the years, from “Shipwreck” in the late 90s to early 2000s, followed by the well-run “Dark Harbor” event, and the most the site of a collaboration between 13th Floor and Shaquille O’Neal: “Shaqtoberfest.”

And now, a brand new film is being released that taps into to the rich lore of the spirited ship. The Haunting of the Queen Mary will tell the tale of “the mysterious and violent events surrounding one family’s voyage on Halloween night (1938) and their interwoven destiny with another family onboard the infamous ocean liner present day.”

The film is helmed by the director of Dracula Untold and was shot on board the actual Queen Mary in Long Beach. We can’t wait to check out this movie, and spot our favorite haunted locations in the background.

The screenplay is by Gary Shore and Stephen Oliver; Story is by Stephen Oliver and Tom Vaughan. Haunting of the Queen Mary stars Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness, Belgravia), Joel Fry (Cruella, Game of Thrones), Nell Hudson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Wil Coban (The Boys in a Boat), and BAFTA award-winner Lenny Rush (Am I Being Unreasonable?). 

The film is produced by Brett Matthew Tomberlin (Winchester) of Imagination Design Works; Thorsten Schumacher of Rocket Science; Lars Sylvest; Nigel Sinclair and Nicholas Ferrall of White Horse Pictures (The Woman in Black); and Mali Elfman. 

Check out the trailer below. The movie will be released in theaters and on demand on the same day: August 18, 2023.


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