Today the newest trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiered revealing more about the movie’s storyline, cameos, easter eggs, and ghosts! To us, it looks great! Our interest in the movie has just gone up from 3 to 5 skulls. It also has some great haunt potential… just saying.

After seeing the first trailer and clips, we were initially concerned that the movie’s small town setting would shrink down the ghostly mayhem (like the mini Stay Puft Marshmallow men) but the new trailer proves that’s not the case. If anything there’s going to be plenty of raging spirit apparations, undead ghouls, demon dogs, and possibly a big return of Gozer. There’s so much ghostly activity to catch in this trailer so we suggest you watch closely!

We still have to wait until November 11th to finally see Ghostbusters: Afterlife but we expect there’ll be plenty of ghosts haunting us between now and then. To hold you over here’s a look back at the 2019 Ghostbusters maze at HHN Hollywood and Orlando.