Update (7/15): Various rumors are circulating of a casino-themed house and a possible icon named “Lady Luck.” The casino house is pretty much a given, since they’ve updated the site with the card imagery. We can definitely envision a “Lady Luck” icon, because as you can see in the screen grab above from the HHN homepage, the card used for the 10 is the Queen (not a Jack or King). Surely that’s not just coincidence?

(Feb 2011): 2011 HHN Orlando rumors have begun to rise from the grave. While nothing has been confirmed, it’s rumored that they plan to have a new 3D House. This won’t be the first time as they’ve had a few 3D Houses in the past including  Universal’s Creature Features in 3D! (1999), Anxiety in 3D (2000), and Jack’s Funhouse in Clown-O-Vision (2007).

It’s also rumored that the Jaws ride will be getting a haunt layover, with new lighting and fog/mist effects on the water. Not sure that’s very exciting news though.

We can expect the gates of doom to open on Friday, September 23 and this year’s haunt will run every following weekend, Thursday-Sunday, with the last night being on Halloween (Monday, Oct 31). You can start to make your 2011 HHN travel plans but of course we always like to wait to see what the actual house line up will be, before we make our “final arranagements”. Our friends at Screamscape also say that a new HHN survey was sent out this week asking about Frequent Fear passes, you can see more of those details HERE.


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