Here’s some really bad news: Talon Falls, located in Melber, Kentucky, caught fire on Wednesday night, February 16. According to news reports, the fire broke out about 8 pm and destroyed nearly 2 acres of the haunt, including one of the outdoor mazes.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and is under investigation.

Talon Falls is home to 3 attractions/mazes: Cell Block D, Dead End Haunted House, and Blood Creek Haunted Hayride. According to a statement released by the the owner, Todd Ferren, two of the attractions were spared. It’s not immediately clear which of the three attractions was damaged, but according to the reporter at Channel 12 Heartland News (video below), the haunted hayride and Dead End Haunted House appear to be OK, so it looks like Cell Block D is the attraction that was damaged.

As we reported earlier this month, Talon Falls was scheduled to be one of the haunt tours taking place during the TransWorld haunt convention this March. In addition, they were planning to open to the public during March in an event called “Scream Break.” Of course, both of these events have been canceled.

There is no word yet on how this will affect the 2011 Halloween season, but we will continue to report on Talon Falls’ recovery throughout the year. Scare Zone wishes Talon Falls the best and hopes they’re able to bounce back quickly.


  1. It was a severe tragedy. i was there with my fire dept. and it was about the biggest fire i have seen so far.

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