This week we head on down to the south y’all, to survey their collection of infamous haunts. We were going to do a Florida survey but it didn’t provide us with quite enough options for a stand alone survey and we figure the more competition the better.

Polls open on Wednesday at Midnight and you can vote for a week until Midnight the following Tuesday. We’ve secured the survey and will filter IP addresses for final results to ensure every unique person/thing had 1 vote for the most fair and accurate results possible.

So don’t lag behind and vote. Winner Scare All!


The southern haunts didn’t attract nearly as many votes as the SoCal Haunts survey but the results are still very telling. The top killer for Scare of the South is Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights! We also have to give mention to Howl O Scream and  NetherWorld who round out the top 3 scariest haunts in the south.

The new season upon us and we’ll stay tuned to see who will be the scariest in the South for 2011.