Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Virginia) is preparing for its 13th year of terror and has revealed their 2011 Web site. This year’s theme is “Dark Side of the Gardens,” and the new site is really cool and creepy.

Although there are no details yet on what this year’s houses will be, there are placeholders on the site for five houses. This is interesting, because there were six houses last year.  It sounds like it’s the “Cursed” maze and location that might be out this year. All that has been revealed so far is a new scare zone: Widow Makers, which will be located in the New France section:

“Venture deep into the woods of New France, where a solitary logging camp is ensnared by a killer clan of enormous venomous spiders. The loggers are fighting back with their sharpest blades, but these angry arachnids are bent on destruction—and they’re ready to capture anyone who wanders into their wicked web of terror. So watch your step. If you’re not careful, you could be tangled forever in the spiders’ deadly trap.”

Last year, New France was home to a “vengeful woodsman” scare zone, so it seems as though they’re taking 2010’s scare zone and adding some spiders. It’s an interesting concept: Loggers fighting enormous spiders! We can definitely say we haven’t seen that before! (And so much more original than zombies or vampires.)

There are placeholders on the site for three additional scare zones, but details are not given. We’re not sure if they’re planning to reveal the mazes and scare zones one by one, but it seems that way so far.

Also new this year is the family-friendly “Count’s Halloween Spooktacular.”

The haunt will be open September 23 through October 30.

Be sure to head over to the Howl-O-Scream site to check it out!