This morning it was announced that the second maze at HHN Hollywood will be Hostel:Hunting Season!

This doesn’t come as a surprise as we figured out John Murdy’s code name 3DN referred to Eli Roth (in a round about way) and when they announced his participation in this year’s HHN Short Film Competition it reinforced our speculation.

In our HHN Survey Hostel currently ranks 4th among the themes that Scare Zone’s Haunt Stalkers expect to see. While Hostel could be an exciting and scary experience we’re also concerned that it will be a recycled version of the previous Saw mazes where we went from room to room and saw people being grotesquely tortured and were chased by masked, chainsaw wielding madmen.

We hope (and trust) that the HHN Hollywood team will devise all new and unique ways to scare us and bring the suspense that the original movie offered.