The Fear Fair Haunted House

Uniquely situated in the former WWII US Army Barracks in Freeman Field Municipal Airport, Fear Fair is preparing for the 2011 season and to retain the title of “Indiana’s Scariest Haunted House”. Fear Fair is ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the Midwest by Ohio Valley Haunts, City Blood Haunt Reviews,, and other noted review sites. Fear Fair was also recently featured on the 2011 haunt tours for Hauntcon, and National Haunted House Industry Convention.

Fear Fair’s success lies in the fact that they take haunting seriously as every summer hopeful scareactors attend their Fear Camp to learn about the latest and greatest in haunt acting and performance. This includes  a chainsaw operating and safety class, stunt class, victim screaming class, and magic classes to name a few.  Attendees are also treated to some spontaneous  “chase” scenes through unsuspecting classes in session where a poor victim is being hunted down by a machete wielding crazy guy. You know, just the usual haunt classroom diversion.

This year Fear Fair is creating all new haunt experiences that will be even more intense and horrifying than year’s past. The terror starts in Hangar 17 which promises to have the most intense opening ever experienced at a haunted attraction with a parachute ride to hell. Once inside Hangar 17, victims come to find that Freeman Air Field is under assault and their senses will be terrorized as they’re thrown into the middle of a full on raid by mutated soldiers who were subjects of top secret military experiments trying to create the ultimate solider.

Cinema of Fear takes up residence in the second half of the haunt and features scenes from hit Hollywood horror movies such as Jeepers Creepers, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Friday the 13th, Saw, and many others. Previous versions of this maze had received rave reviews for it’s detailed movie quality sets and talented monsters.



Finally, for an even more intense experience you can try Nyctophobia Total Darkness. On limited nights you’ll be able to experience Fear Fair in a completely new way, in complete darkness. You’ll have to navigate through the corridors of their haunts with only the illumination of a glow stick. Keep in mind all the monsters and scareactors will still be there and they’ll be able to easily see you coming!

All of these attractions at Fear Fair sound ‘terrORific’ we’re certain they’ll keep people screaming for more, or less, depending on how much terror they can endure.

For more information call or text 812-567-FEAR or visit their Website.