Beginning Saturday, Oct. 1 Fright Dome takes over The Adventuredome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. As we reported earlier, this year’s headliner is Mr. Halloween himself, Michael Myers.  In addition, Fright Dome will be offering three other mazes, Scare Zones, and their full slate of thrill rides which includes the motion simulators Elvira’s Superstition and Dracula’s Haunted Castle.

This October, the Scare Zone is planning to head out Sin City, put it all on red, and try our luck at Fright Dome and other Vegas area haunts.  So, be sure to look for our Vegas haunt reviews, coming soon. In addition, if any of our Haunt Stalkers have been to Fright Dome before, we’d love to see your comments.

Here’s the full Fright Dome line up:

haunted houses
hmh halloween logo
Haddonfield Memorial Hospital
The newest addition to Fright Dome as Michael Myers lands in Las Vegas for the 2011 Halloween season! All seems normal as guests arrive at the Emergency Room to check in with the nurses however in a twist of fate the elevator lands on the wrong floor stranding everyone in the basement. Instead of triage guests now find themselves in the middle of the Psychiatric Ward of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where the evil force Known as Michael Myers is being held. Or is he? Guests will soon learn that Michael has escaped and roams the hallways hunting them. Will you escape or will he find you? 



michael myers house halloween logo
The Home of Michael Myers
See where the evil began. Guests will get a one-on-one tour of the Myers home. Nosey trick-or-treaters have been sneaking inside giving the neighbors tours as it creeps closer to Halloween. What they don’t realize is that the legend himself is returning home for the season. Will you be there on the night Michael comes home…? 




chainsaw massacre chainsaw massacre
Chainsaw Massacre is a Fright Dome favorite. Most guests can’t make it through this bloodcurdling haunted house. Chainsaw Massacre has the record for the guests using the “chicken exits” every year. This year the “chicken exits” have been boarded up and you are stuck inside to try to survive. Are you brave enough to take on chainsaw wielding maniacs? 


fright high fright high
Knock ‘em dead class of 2011!! Think your high school is a nightmare? Think again… you obviously haven’t visited Fright High! All new for 2011 guests will enjoy their first day with a terrifying orientation. Dare to take part in the Fright High Prom night and experience Anatomy class as its finest as students hack up their classmates. Be sure to stay out of the locker room… 





hillbilly hell hillbilly hell
Hillbilly Hell
is a classic and has been ranked one of the scariest haunted houses at Fright Dome. Guests will be transported from the Las Vegas Strip to the backwoods in this terrifying haunted house. Visit the taxidermy shop, butcher shop, and even land in the dining room of the locals. Will you make it back alive? Or will you be stuck in this rustic hell forever?
scare zones
corner of carnage corner of carnage
Test your luck against the notorious Fright Dome Chainsaw Twins and their deranged friends. Will you survive? Towering at almost 7-feet-tall each they cut through the darkness wielding their blood-splattered chainsaws.
…More Scare Zones Coming Soon!
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  1. Come and let us scare you!!! I will see you all at the end of Fright High, where you can meet me, the offical Prom Queen! That is, if you make it out of the locker room alive…

    • when you get there is nothing really scary, but right when you walk in its foggy and really dark. so you don’t know what could pop out at any second. i say the best part about fright dome is the clowns they’re are really awesome…well to me. lol but otherwise is nothing really scary i say its the best 53.00 dollars I’ve ever spent!!

      pssssst… i recommend that you go with friends…never alone! :000

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