For haunt stalkers who’ve been waiting to experience a haunt themed to The Shining, you may want to make reservations to experience the real thing. This October, The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is offering a ‘Ghost Adventures Package’ which will allow you to explore the “haunted” hotel. Hopefully the spirits don’t over take one of the guests, and be careful if you order ‘RedRum’ from the lobby bar.

World’s Worst Night’s Sleep? Stay at The Shining Hotel on Halloween from $262

by Caroline Morse, SmarterTravel Staff – September 16, 2011 at 3:04 PM

Remember when you watched The Shining and couldn’t sleep for weeks? Rekindle that spooky feeling with The Stanley Hotel‘s (click for more information, reviews, and photos) Ghost Adventure package, available on Halloween for $262. The Stanley Hotel (located just outside of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado), is famous for being the inspirational setting for Stephen King’s terrifying novel, “The Shining”. Numerous visitors and staff have reported ghost sightings, so where better to be if you want to be scared stiff on Halloween? Stay in a Classic Queen room on the famously haunted fourth floor of the hotel, and they’ll throw in a K2-EMF detector (for ghost-hunting), and a $15 food credit (maybe you can bribe the ghosts with food not to murder you?) in the hotel’s cafe. Exorcism not included.

Where to get this deal: Visit the Stanley Hotel’s website and add the Ghost Adventure package to your Halloween booking.

Travel Dates: Price based on October 31 stay, the Ghost Adventure package is available through April.

Days of the Week: Monday

Blackout Dates: N/A

Purchase by: N/A

Minimum Stay: N/A

Notes: The hotel embraces it’s spooky side with a yearly Shining Ball, unfortunately, tickets are sold out for this year’s already. There’s always next year! Always compare prices across multiple properties and from multiple travel providers to make sure that you’re getting the best price with this deal.



  1. i like the movie because its my second movie ever and like when the see the 2 little grils ghost in the hall way.but is the awsome movie ever seen my life i love it so much.

  2. i like to see ghost adventuer lot ever friday @4pm – 11pm i like the supernatural.because i belive sprit or u can call it ghots.i see my grandperants ghots in my house i don’t care is creepy. the only hallyday i see the them is day of death i seen them well my family don’t belive me i can sprtis round.BUT like it thats why want to know more about it hw 2 talk 2 them.AND MY NICKNAME IS POMDERNORAL.

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