Six Flags Magic Mountain has already begun to promote this year’s Fright Fest.  Fright Fest will run every weekend in October, beginning October 5th, for a total of 12 “frighting” nights. Unlike the other SoCal  theme parks, Magic Mountain’s visitors can stay and scream inside the park during it’s extended haunt hours without paying an additional admission price but they do have to pay an upcharge fee to go into the mazes.

Magic Mountain isn’t known for having one of the the ‘best’ Theme Park haunt in Southern California, by any measure. However, they seem to be really working hard at building up and promoting their haunt offerings and this year they will  have 2 additional offerings bringing their combined total of Mazes and Scare Zones to 13. We assume all the past 11 Mazes and Scare Zones will be returning as Magic Mountain hasn’t been persistent about “reVamping”  their mazes and some of their mazes, such as Jokester’s Hideout 3D and Willoughby’s Haunted Mansion, have been the same since the late 90’s.  We do have to give them credit though; as despite being the haunt underdog in SoCal, they have managed to continually offer an event to celebrate the Halloween season.  In addition, their collection of coasters provides some of the most unique and terrifying ride experiences on the West Coast and who doesn’t love a seasonal ride on the Colossus backwards?!

Fright Fest 2012


  1. I had a tour of Haunted Mansion early this year.And they COMPLETELY removed everything. They were going to rebuild it and make it better and will keep the same theme.

  2. They need to have Heckles and Twitch this year!
    Last year they didnt have them at fright fest and it sucked!
    I know many people who won’t show up if heckles and twitch won’t go.
    Please please please have them!

  3. Can’t wait to go this year! I had a blast last year with a big group of friends. If you plan on going, check out for tickets. I just got mine from there today and saved a good amount!

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