Haunts all over the country have been capitalizing on Friday the 13th’s evil reputation, and they’ve chosen today to make a few announcements. Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

Knott’s Scary Farm

Knott’s announced the return of the “Green Witch” as their icon for 2012, a classic character who will be returning just in time for the 40th anniversary of Halloween Haunt. Since they’re bringing back the Midnight Witch Hanging, this icon is good synergy. It looks like the “Overlord” has been sent to the haunt retirement home, for now.

Howl-O-Scream, Tampa

HOS announced two new mazes for 2012:

1. Blood Asylum: As lightning rages and thunder crashes outside, ‘The Creature’ escapes from his holding cell in a high-security asylum for the criminally insane. Now this sadistic deviant is running rampant, skinning his former cellmates and turning the mental hospital into his own torture chamber. This serial killer’s bloody playground will drive you out of your mind with fear.

2. Circus of Superstition 3-D: You’ve been taught to avoid black cats and sidewalk cracks your whole life, but all those years of bad luck have caught up with you. Crazed circus clowns challenge you to survive thirteen superstitions in their 3-D Tent of Terror, but it will take more than luck to escape this whole new dimension of fear.

All of the other returning mazes will be tweaked a little bit to bring something new to this year’s event. Retired this year will be “Death Row Vengeance” and “Reconstruction.” We haven’t heard official word as to whether “Alone” will be back this year.

Halloween Horror Nights

UPDATE (7/14/2012): It’s official! At Comic Con today, Halloween Horror Nights announced that they will be featuring a Silent Hill maze this year at both the Hollywood and Orlando parks.

It’s interesting to note that in previous years, John Murdy of HHN Hollywood has said that Silent Hill wasn’t that popular with general guests and that making a maze from a video game wasn’t likely. We’re not sure what changed HHN’s mind, but we think Silent Hill is a great fit for the event. We’ve seen firsthand (from Sinister Pointe, in Brea, CA) that this franchise can be really scary as a maze. Silent Hill’s imagery is twisted and creepy as hell, and if anyone can do justice to it, it’s HHN.

We haven’t heard official confirmation yet on the Walking Dead maze, but this rumor has been around a while, and a Walking Dead-style RV was spotted last month in Orlando.


  1. the green witch is the new main icon for knott’s scary farm ‘s 2012 haunt event she was there in 1973 when she opened the haunt now she is in control again. maybe this is kind of how fear was introduced like several cycles or years when old icons will return now more scary than ever like halloween horror nights its other rival. so the witch will represent the 40th cycle or year.

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