Today at Comic-Con Universal Studios announced that the video game, turned movie franchise, Silent Hill will be one of the featured themed attractions at the 2012 Halloween Horror Nights events in Orlando and Hollywood. The Silent Hill announcement has definitely created a new amount of buzz among HHN fans and Haunt Stalkers.

Silent Hill has been a recurring theme on the annual HHN survey and this will be the first time they’ve transformed a video game property into a maze. In the past, themes have included exclusive iconic horror movies like Scream, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare On Elm Street. With both a new game and movie coming out this fall it all makes perfect synergistic sense as the “Welcome to Silent Hill” maze will be able to promote the release of the next installment of the video game Silent Hill: Book Of Memories as well as the release of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which hits theaters October 26 via Open Road.

During the Comic Con session they screened a brief teaser for the movie which started with a woman running from a grotesque mannequin beast through a warehouse. Then, as the woman is trying to approach a man strapped to a bed it’s revealed that they’re surrounded by a crowd of disfigured nurses holding an assortment of jagged blades and worse. Suddenly, as the girl begins the move, the nurses start to jerk to life, honing in on the sound of the two in the middle. Now just imagine experiencing this in real life!

The screening of these two incredible scenes from Silent Hill: Revelations 3D was followed by short introductory segment with Director Michael J. Bassett, Adelaide Clemens who plays Heather in the film, and Producer Samuel Hadida. Following the movie preview this trailer played:

As you could image, the crowd erupted into loud applause and then Silent Hill Producer Tomm Hullett, Creative Director for Halloween Horror Nights John Murdy, and Orlando Show Director Patrick Braillard took the stage. First to speak was John, confirming that Silent Hill was coming to Halloween Horror Nights in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. He spoke of the origins of idea was reached after first meeting Tomm from Konami. “It was a perfect fit,” John admitted, “the passion for detail, I couldn’t be more thrilled with Konami helping bring Silent Hill to life.” Tomm, Creative Producer of several Silent Hill titles assured fans, “They did do their homework, and it’s going to be a cool maze.” When asked by the moderator what we will see of Silent Hill in the attraction, John was quick to reply, “All of it,” followed by, “With so much to draw from, we want to do as much as we can from it as we can.” He continued by praising the many great characters and environments they hope to recreate in the attraction, including Fog World, Other World, and many more. “First you’ll see the movie,” Michael chimed in, “then you’ll be in the movie.”

To further promote this announcement, HHN is currently giving away tickets to Halloween Horror Nights. You “just” need to follow @HorrorNights on Twitter and Tweet #UniversalHHN and #konamicode for a chance to win! For those Haunt Stalkers at Comic Con, simply stop by the Konami booth and you’ll get a chance to win HHN tickets after snapping a photo with The Nurse.

John Murdy confirmed via Twitter that the Hollywood maze will be located behind the Mummy attraction in the lower lot, replacing last year’s Hostel maze.

While we’ve already heard and seen proof of  The Walking Dead mazes terrorizing both parks, an official announcement on that property has not yet been made.

So far we like what we’re hearing from Universal for both their Hollywood and Orlando Haunts. We believe that both The Walking Dead and Silent Hill could be very scary mazes.  However, we’re also hoping that the similarities end here as we want to visit both haunts this year and have unique experiences at each one.


  1. the sexy faceless nurses of silent hill might also replace this last years scream stab girls as the new go go dancers of 2012 or surprised by something different this year.

  2. silent hill and walking dead maybe two featured haunted houses and will be seen in the terror tram but not the main theme for the tram and the event but the theme will cover universal studios celebrating 100 years anniversary where great horror icons from the past and present will be the theme for this year’s event or themed to the end of the world, humanity, civilization, or doomsday.

  3. i went to the event in hollywood back in 2008 when freddy kruger, jason voorhees, leatherface, and other monsters roamed the park now four years later i am back and better than ever i will unleash my newest updater for the next cycle of fear a new updater will be revealed. his time has come. a new chapter will be told.

  4. hey i wonder what the other houses, scarezones, shows, atttactions, main theme , icon or icons , and other surprises will be released for orlando florida and hollywood, california’s universial studio theme parks. oh yeah singapore and other locations like japan do you have ideas for those locations would be great too.

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