Over the years our haunt stalking has taken us to across the country and beyond. One of  our familiar haunt destinations is New York  where we’ve been able to experience some of their renowned haunts. A favorite quote we heard while waiting in line at one of the New York haunts was “If you think New York is scary, you should see their haunts!”  This turned out to be true as the haunts in NY have a style all of their own. New Yorkers seem to have a tougher skin so in order to scare them these haunts have to pull out all the stops.  And they do, with scareactors that don’t hold back and who are not satisfied until they get a reaction out of everyone they terrorize. Knowing this, one of our favorite NY haunts to always visit is Headless Horseman Hayrides which is celebrating it’s 2oth anniversary this year!.

The 2012 hayride theme is “The Cult of the Horseman.” The 20th year haunted attraction celebration will also include the following mazes we’ve reviewed before such as :  The Lunar Motel, Glutton’s Slaughter House, The Root Cellar, Dark Harvest Corn Maze, Nightshade Greenhouse, The Feeding, Dahlia Blood’s Manor. In addition, new for 2012 is Dr Dark’s Black Spider Sideshow.

For the 20th Headless Horseman will be resurrecting many of the popular monsters that have haunted the grounds throughout the years: Butcher Joe, The Necromancer, The Bogeyman, Dr. Blight, Dr. Dark, Prisoner X, The Tooth Fairy, The Collectors, The Hollowmen and of course, The Headless Horseman!  In addition there will be a new Magic and Illusion Show, line actors, stilt walkers  and stunt performers.  With a sizzle reel for a new reality show in the can and the recently established American Made Monster Studios, 2012 is the year to celebrate!

So,our NY and East Coast Haunt Stalkers need to make sure they’ve prepared a 20th anniversary visit (and escape) from the Headless Horseman this coming haunt season.


The Horseman's CultEvil Reaping - Dark HarvestThe Lunar Motel

Gluttons SlaughterhouseNight Shade Nursery and Greenhouse

Flesh They Crave - The FeedingBlood Inn - The Mansion of Dahlia Blood\Dr. Dark's Black Spider Sideshow

 Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses

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