Halloween Haunt at Kings Island

Kings Island, Ohio

There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  Screams of pure panic pierce the night. There’s nowhere you’re safe in the most immersive horror experience around — Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.The bloodcurdling horror and nightmarish madness of Halloween Haunt features more than 500 ghastly creatures emerging from the darkness, highly-intense and bone-chilling attractions and some of the most hair-raising rides on the planet like the Beast and Diamondback roller coasters!

This year’s Haunt features a line up of 12 haunted “mazes” (some sound more like scare zones to us) and 3 shows along with their signature thrill rides. Halloween Haunt is included free with park admission to Kings Island.   Kings Island 2012 Gold and Cedar Fair Platinum Season Passholders can enjoy unlimited admission to Halloween Haunt.


Open Fridays and Saturdays, September 21st through October 27th.


  • *New for 2012* Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror – Madame Fatale has just passed her final psychological evaluation after a decade of incarceration. Join her for the Grand Re-Opening of her museum of oddities and wax. You’re on her guest list; she and her friends will be dripping mad if you don’t show up!
  • MysteriaPrepare to enter into a new dimension where nothing is as it appears. The world of Mysteria… your senses will never be the same! Enter at your own peril!
  • Holiday HorrorThe holidays are right around the corner… EVERY corner! Get ready to experience all of the holidays like never before in this horrific attraction.
  • Carnevil Join the circus like you wanted to when you were a kid… permanently! This is not your run-of-the-mill Big Top. Only the most determined will make it out alive.
  • Club Blood This popular night club has never been so bloody good! The club’s exotic dancers are dying to meet you. Come in for a bite. Stay for as long as you like. In fact, you can stay forever!
  • Massacre Manor – The Manor is for sale. Never mind the rumors of murder and torture – it’s priced to sell! Potential buyers adescend into a fortress of fear and encounter many of the Manor’s inhabitants – most of them long since departed.
  • Slaughter HouseLooking for a good cut of fresh meat?  You’ve come to the right place.  The butcher shop is open and you never know who – or what – is on the chopping block.  A real meat-lovers delight!
  • Urget ScareA deadly plague is spreading with destructive speed.  At the local hospital, the virus has begun spreading from patient-to-patient.  If the virus doesn’t kill you, fear might!
  • Wolf PackThe moon is full and there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  There is something in the woods… and it’s hungry.  Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  You will be!
  • CornStalkers This frightful cornfield will scare the yell out of you!  Countless scarecrows rule the overgrown ruins of this formerly vibrant community.  Intruders beware!  These guardians of rubble take their jobs very seriously.
  • Cut Throat Cove – Meet the motley crews of sunken ships, left deserted on this island. But mind yer steps – they’ve been waitin’ for rescue for over 100 years.
  • Tombstone Terror-Tory – Covered bridges and foggy terrain disguise the evil that lurks in every direction aboard this midnight train. But don’t be alarmed. You’re guaranteed to make it to your final destination!


  • *New for 2012* Graveyard Shift
  • *New for 2012* Blood Drums
  • Hot Blooded