One of New York’s most talked-about haunts, Blackout, will be terrorizing Los Angeles this year.

Often described as an “extreme theater event” rather than a haunted house, Blackout is the creation of the theater group Vortex Productions. As its name implies, the haunt is dark not only in its lack of lighting but also in the depths of its depravity.

You won’t find monsters with shaker cans, elaborate sets, or spooky music in this haunt. Instead, actors will lead you—make that force you—through various scenarios meant to test your own psychological limits.

Various reviews of the New York version have detailed some of the things encountered in Blackout in 2011:

  • Simulated waterboarding
  • Vomit-filled toilets
  • Bloody tampons
  • Full nudity
  • Handcuffs

As you proceed through the haunt, you will be forced to perform various tasks. You will be touched, grabbed, pushed, etc. In fact, everyone must sign a waiver before they enter the haunt. Oh, and did we forget to mention this part?


Blackout promises that each year will be different, so if you were excited by the idea of being forced to put a bloody tampon in your mouth, well you’re probably out of luck, because they’ve been there, done that. If you want to find out what terrors are in store for 2012, you’ll have to sign that waiver and brave it yourself. Lucky for you, if it gets to be too much, you can always yell out “Safety” and be rescued.

Blackout Haunted House is located at 207 S. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA, and will be open October 26-31.

If you’re in NYC, Blackout is at 115 West 27th Street (between 6th & 7th), New York, NY, and is open on select nights beginning September 28 through Halloween.