Every October, The Haunted Diary opens, unleashing its most disturbing tales. The origins of this diary are unknown, but this Halloween it will reopen and pure evil will be unleashed. So, prepare yourself for the the mystery and terror of the Haunted Hollow.  

Along with the increased popularity of the commercial haunt business, there has also been a boom of “Home Haunts,” which have been evolving to offer unique and scary experiences of their own.  The Haunted Diary Presents , located in Los Angeles, is a perfect example of a Home Haunt that offers some homegrown state-of-the-art thrills but operates like a full-scale haunted house. The Haunted Diary Presents combines a chilling mix of story and scares and includes interactive elements where guests have to physically perform tasks (e.g., push buttons) to move onto the next room.


This year they’re offering an ALL NEW haunted house based on the story of The Haunted Hollow. It is nearly 3 times as long as previous years, with a HUGE cast of actors, all new rooms, detailed sets, and an all-new story. They do not recommend the haunt for young children, as it is billed as a rather intense experience. They have no limits (per se) and promise that guests who brave a visit “WILL be surprised” and scared.

One of the refreshing things about The Haunted Diary, and many other home haunts, is that it’s free. The creators build this haunt out their pure love for Halloween and scaring the crap out of people.  They do accept donations, which are generously shared with the Habitat for Humanity’s charity organization. So, with this haunt, you can write off your Haunt Stalking on your taxes!

This year, The Haunted Diary’s next chapter will run for 2 NIGHTS ONLY, on October 27th and 31st. So if you find yourself in the dark side of Hollywood on Halloween weekend, don’t panic, you’ve only stumbled into The Haunted Hollow.

For more information about dates, times, location, and volunteer opportunities, visit their website.

Photo: ‎Haunted Hollow will open for 3 nights this October.Admission is FREE.Opened 7:30pm-11:30pm on ALL nightsOctober 20th- Test Night (Not all talent and elements will be up)October 27th- Opening NightOctober 31st- Halloween NightThe month of Haunted Hollow is only 2 days away!‎Photo: ‎o hello. Shot taken today ;)‎