This weekend is both happy and mournful for all of us haunt stalkers and creators. Happy because we still have a good 5 nights of looking and behaving like monsters in public without being considered a disturbance to the peace. Sad because less than a week from now, the Haunt Season of 2012 will be nothing more another memory.

We won’t turn to despair yet as there’s still enough time to celebrate and “get your scare on”. In addition to going out to experience all the Open Haunts, you can also experience some of the most elaborate home haunts from the comforts of your living room with Chiller’s new documentary movie ‘The American Scream’. If you’re going to be out Haunt Stalking or early Trick O’ Treating this Sunday Night, as you should be, then be sure to set your DVR to Chiller at 8P ET.


From the same director/producer of the critically-acclaimed hit documentary Best Worst Movie, The American Scream is an unconventional look at the Halloween cultural phenomenon of homemade haunted houses and the enthusiasts behind the scenes. Filmed in the sleepy enclave of Fairhaven, MA, The American Scream follows the creative minds behind three local homemade haunts and their passionate – and sometimes harrowing – efforts in igniting their town’s Halloween spirit each year.   

Filled with personality, humor, trouble and triumph, The American Scream offers a moving, real-life look into the lives of people for whom horror is much more than just a hobby.