You think you know this story. You think you’re in control. THINK AGAIN.

The hit horror film “The Cabin in the Woods” comes to life at Halloween Horror Nights 23.The Cabin in the Woods was just announced as the first maze for Universal Orlando’s  Halloween Horror Nights 23.

The idea of using this 2012 movie (filmed in 2009) as a theme has been speculated by HHN fans since last year so we’re not fully surprised by this announcement. What we are surprised about is how well they can translate this movie into a haunt as it has a very abstract storyline. The best way to describe it is an ‘R’ rated version of Scooby Doo as it features *spoiler alert*  teens in a van who go to a cabin in the woods and unwilling uncover a diabolic plan to destroy the world with every single horror monster, mythical creature, slasher, and ghoul ever imagined all while being observed via hidden cameras by mysterious office workers.


We think that The Cabin the Woods as a maze experience can either be really scary or really lame. It will provide the HHN team with the opportunity to create a vast array of unique animatronic creatures and costumed scareactors. However, given the satirical nature of the movie where the laughs came easily but the screams not so much we’ll have to wait to see. We have a strong hunch that we may be seeing this maze also at HHN Hollywood. Here are more details of what we can expect inside HHN’s Cabin in the Woods.

Robot Chicken also provided an equally scary and funny cliff notes version of The Cabin in the Woods.