HHN Hollywood has been teasing us via Facebook and Twitter that they’ll begin to announce their mazes sometime this week. However,  it seems all the suspense and hype they like to build up with the ongoing ‘maze code names games’ has been prematurely splattered all over as it has been reported (on the internet) that the pre-order releases of the new Evil Dead DVDs and blu-rays feature an insert announcing the maze at both HHN Hollywood and Orlando. Doh!


This comes as no big surprise as Evil Dead is a cult classic that has long been at the top of the list of HHN fan requests and a property that John Murdy has been wanting to feature at HHN. Last year’s Knott’s Scary Farm tried to use The Evil Dead theme as an overlay for their log ride but with failed results. The addition was last minute and at the time it almost felt like Knott’s stole the rug out from under Universal which had for years been rumored to do an Evil Dead maze. Nonetheless, we can all anticipate that  HHN could do the movie much more justice. The idea of all that they can do with Evil Dead is very exciting.

For HHN Orlando it does seem a little redundant that they’re going to have a maze based on both Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead. We guess they both could be seen as compliments to each other and both tie-in with the HHN 23 theme – “Evil Takes Root”.

It’s also strongly rumored that Insidious will be a maze featured at both HHN Hollywood and Orlando as well. We think that this is also very likely to be true with Insidious: Chapter 2 coming to theaters the week before HHN opens. In fact the appearance of Insidious’s shadowy old woman is distantly similar to La Llorna perhaps allowing for some easy prop and costume reuse at HHN Hollywood. Hmmmmmm….


Keeping stalking us for more HHN news and rumors!