The weeks after October 31st are some of the darkest of the year with Haunt Stalking fun coming to an end. However, this year, the terror will continue with a trip back down Lampkin Lane in the notorious town of Haddonfield, IL (aka Pasadena, CA) for the new Halloween movies convention –  Halloween: 35 Years of Terror. The convention takes place in Pasadena, CA the weekend of  November 15th-17th.


The infamous Boogeyman isn’t getting any younger but his terror is timeless and continues to capture the imagaination of horror fans all over the world. Halloween: 35 will be the ultimate Halloween fan experience, with special appearances from cast members, producers, writers, and directors from all the Halloween movies. We also expect that it will include a tour of the Pasadena neighborhoods used for the filming of the Halloween I, II, and the 2007 remake.

We attended the Halloween: 25 convention, which featured a tour with carefully planted actors recreating some of the key scenes from the original movie throughout the Pasadena neighborhood. It also provided some scary glimpses of Michael lurking behind bushes, houses, and driving around in ‘the’ station wagon stalking us as if we were Lori Strode.

Tickets and accommodations are now available, so when you get a break from your regularly scheduled haunt planning, be sure to check the convention WEBSITE to get more details on pricing, accomodations and events.

81QTu-d2BCL._SL1500_The convention also comes on the heels of the release of the Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray. Arriving on September 24th, the Blu-ray will feature a high definition remaster of the movie with exciting extras that include a brand new commentary track with John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, “The Night She Came Home” a new featurette with Jamie Lee Curtis (HD), trailers, TV & Radio spots, and additional rare scenes from the TV version. Did we mention it’s also “only” $21!

With all of this Halloween talk we really wish that there was a good Halloween maze being featured somewhere, like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Nonetheless, we still have the memories of the now classic HHN Hollywood HALLOWEEN Maze. Perhaps, whenever they finally release a new Halloween movie we’ll finally get a new maze.