Reign of Terror (ROT), in Thousand Oaks, California, has long been one of Scare Zone’s favorite haunted attractions, and it consistently rates as one of the scariest among haunt goers. It’s already one of the longest and most densely detailed haunts around, and this year, they’ve somehow found a way to add yet another attraction to their line up: Quarantine.

Reign of Terror Quarantine


This post war laboratory was once a cutting edge facility until things went very, very wrong. Once you think you have figured it out you realize you are not even close.  


Quarantine will join The Asylum, Blood Manor, Miner’s Revenge, and the traditional Haunted House. From the description, we can expect an industrial wasteland type of theme, possibly with props oozing toxic material. We expect to see some cool visual effects, and we’ve also heard that this section will include a vortex tunnel.

Unlike other attractions where you have to stand in line for each separate maze, ROT’s attractions flow into each other, so there’s only one line to wait in (and it’s the best-themed queue of any haunt we’ve experienced).  ROT has done a great job in past years connecting the different themes to each other, so we’re very interested to see how they will weave the Quarantine theme in with the others. Quarantine will be the last attraction in the flow, following the Asylum. The Asylum also has a lot of laboratory props and a general dystopian feel, so the connection between the two should be fairly smooth.

In addition to Quarantine, ROT is also adding a new section to the Asylum. We can’t wait to check out all the new scares at ROT this year.

Reign of Terror opens October 4.