Over the past 10 years we’ve been hearing about New York City’s NIGHTMARE Haunted House and have yet had the opportunity to experience it for our ourselves. However, that may change this year as we’re making final arrangements for our upcoming East Coast Haunt Stalking Tour and hope we get to include them on our scar-itineary.

We’ve been closely following NIGHTMARE and from what we’ve seen, every year they continue to push the envelope and create some of the most twisted and unique haunt experiences in the U.S. This year is no exception as they plan to take guest deeper into the nightmarish wold of notorious serial killers they introduced last year.


New York’s first and most terrifying haunted house, NIGHTMARE, will be celebrating its 10th year in New York City this fall. This milestone Anniversary comes as producers Timothy Haskell (Creator of Nightmare) and Steve Kopelman, (producer of Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare”) announce plans for KILLERS2 a horrifying, immersive hauntedhouse experience about our obsession and fascination with serial killers both real and fictional.  KILLERS2 is the follow-up to last year’s widely talked about, highly successful and critically acclaimed “Killers” installment and will run September 27 through November 2, 2012 at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

This year, visitors navigating the tormenting labyrinth of Nightmare: KILLERS2 will encounter various psychopaths, including Harrison Graham, Aileen Wournos, and Charles Manson – among others – who are neither glorified or romanticized – but rather presented for what they are…scary as hell! Focusing on both the perpetrators and their victims, both historical and contemporary, KILLERS2 sets out to prove that the most haunting experiences are those that are real. There is nothing more frightening than the monsters that walk among us.

“In ten years we have never repeated a theme. This will be the only time we do,” says creator Timothy Haskell. “When I designed the house last season it was epic, but it was too big to fit into the venue, so we split it up into two years.”

With regard to the 10th anniversary of Nightmare, Mr. Haskell explained that “When I started Nightmare I did so because there were no other haunts and I was a working theatre director who loved haunted houses. Now ten years later I couldn’t be prouder of what Nightmare has become. We were the only haunt in town back then and now there are nearly a dozen! We’ve been able to keep our identity the entire time, and do it the way we always have. Audiences have now made us a Halloween tradition.”

Nightmare: KILLERS2 will also feature in the lobby THE KILLER ACTS STAGE, a performance stage for artists of the grand guignol and beyond to regale and entertain the waiting audiences throughout the night. Different acts every hour! 

Production Design for Nightmare: KILLERS2 is lead by Paul Smithyman. Art direction is by Justin Haskell and David Hinkle, sound design is by David Roy, costume design is by Sarah Swafford, lighting design is by Garin Marshall. Video design is by Alana McNair.


The NIGHTMARE begins this Friday, September 27th and continues on select nights through November 2nd. For TICKETS and more INFO visit their WEBSITE (*Terror Tip – buy your tickets online for some Killer Deals).