As we’ve reported, our evil friends at Sinister Pointe have recently evacuated their current haunting site and will be moving the creeps and bodies to another location (for whoever is the new resident we hope the spirits have left too). To help fans pacify the time to haunt season and mourn the former location they’ll be hosting yet another event, a swinging wake actually. We love that these guys keep the haunt community connected throughout the year. So, check out the planned Scaretivites for Saturday, May 17th.

Join us for a night filled with drinking, dancing and a few Terrifying surprises. Come pay your respects and say your goodbyes to the hillbilly family and our current location that we have grown to love over the past 3 years. Raise your glass as Sinister Pointe prepares to move on to a brand new facility with an entirely new themed attraction for the 2014 Halloween season.

Please dress to IMPRESS…..I mean MOURN! Since this is a WAKE, darker colors are preferred. No Halloween costumes, flip flops, ball caps, shorts, baggy jeans, etc. will be permitted.

Enjoy great company, music, dancing, the Sinister Pointe Gallery, Photo Op area, roaming creatures and more. We are sorry but the attraction itself will NOT be open.

This event will SELL OUT fast! This is an 18 and over event.

Early bird ticket special:

Tickets NOW ON SALE!

** Also, check their Facebook Page as they’re holding trivia games to win free tickets!