Sinister Pointe

For the past 3 years Sinister Pointe has presented Southern California Haunt Stalkers with year-round haunted mazes and events. Although the maze was not open all year, they did open it for several special events/holidays (e.g., Christmas). This was great for us Haunt Stalkers needing an off-season fix, but one of the challenges for the Sinister Pointe team was keeping the maze fresh to continuously thrill repeat Haunt Stalkers during the main season–Halloween.

Now with their upcoming  move to new location for the 2014 Haunt season (just down the street), Sinister Pointe will finally be offering an all new haunt experience! The full details have yet to be released but from their Facebook teasers we believe that a highly interactive experience is on the way as they’re bringing the urban legend of Bloody Mary to life. She won’t just be trapped inside of  a mirror either as it appears we’ll have venture through the looking glass ourselves, entering her dark world to face all of our known and unknown fears to get back to the other side.

We’ll keep you posted as more details are released!



We all remember the story of Bloody Mary as a child.
But do you know the story that exists
Beyond The Mirror?

From Sinister Pointe Productions comes a brand new twist on a classic urban legend.

Take a step through the mirror if you dare and embark on an immursive and
highly interactive journey through the blackened world which Bloody Mary dwells.

What lurks on the other side?
Do you have what it takes to survive?

Challenge your senses & face your deepest darkest fears
as Sinister Pointe takes you,
Beyond the Mirror!


coming to orange county

more details coming soon!