Carowinds is transformed from a “theme park” to a “scream park” as it debuts SCarowinds Halloween Haunt, the largest, most horrific Halloween event in the Carolinas Friday night, September 12. This year SCarowinds will be more frightening than ever with the addition of a gang of junkyard vampires in the new Blood Yard, and 7th Ward, a hospital filled with incurable patients. The terror continues on select nights through November 1.

In total, SCarowinds Halloween Haunt features seven haunted mazes, five outdoor scare zones, two live shows and more than 500 disturbing monsters prowling the midways. As always SCarowinds presents a sizeable collection of rides with a twist – daring you to climb aboard in total darkness! The entire park atmosphere is transformed each evening with an eerie glow, as SCarowinds comes to life, guests frequently look over their shoulders for fear that they are forever being watched!

“We’re proud to put on the most frightening Halloween attraction in the Carolinas,” says Mike Fehnel Carowinds Vice President and General Manager. “We measure our success in screams and know there’ll be a lot of them this year.”


7th ward4

*New for 2014* THE NEW 7TH WARD –  There’s no cure for the deranged, demented insanity that’s engulfed this “hospital.” Escape the infected halls before the madness claims you, too.


*New for 2014* VIRAL – A top secret weapons facility is using questionable chemistry to build the ultimate soldier. Come join us for a for-your-eyes-only tour of the facility where the drug will be sold to the highest bidder.

Zombie High – Know anyone who still “lives” in the 80’s? We know a few undead who do. Where Freshmen are Freshmeat and Seniors are dying to get out. You’ll need more than brains to survive Homecoming at Zombie High.

Cornstalkers – Scarecrows ready for the new harvest of flesh.

Last Laff 3D – Clowns and circus freaks are looking for fresh blood to continue their demented performances.

Defex – A “disassembly line” for defective toys.

Silver Scream – A “sinematic” tour of some of the creepiest horror films ever made.

Scare Zones

blood yard3

*New for 2014* THE NEW BLOOD YARD – A crush of bloodthirsty vampires tramples through rusty, decrepit wreckage in search of their next liquid meal. YOU!

London Terror – “Steam” and “scream” collide with murderous results in the foggy streets of terror-gripped London. You won’t find this sinister city block on any maps.

Scary Tales – Once upon a time, fairy tales were Grimm and every one was mad in this dark, twisted forest where no one lived happily ever after.

Mass Acres – Death is a walk in the park compared to what the unsettled sprits of our not-so-dearly departed have in store as they await you in the mist on the grounds of Mass Acres.

The Playground -It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


Also new this year is the Skeleton Key, which was first introduced at Knott’s Scary Farm. Skeleton Key allows you access into private rooms and added scares within participating scare zones.

SCarowinds Halloween Haunt operates on select nights from September 12 – November 1. Visit SCarowinds as much as you dare with the new Haunt Pass, available for $55.00 the pass allows unlimited admission to SCarowinds this season. Online single night tickets are available at for as low as $27.99 depending on your night of visit.

SCarowinds Halloween Haunt is rated PG-13 and may be too intense for young children. No costumes or masks are permitted into this event. For additional information visit