Today Jack the Clown made his twisted and triumphant return for Universal Orlando’s HHN 25th year. Jack has been one of the most popular icons over the past 25 years at HHN so it’s no real surprise that he’s the chosen master of sacremonies. We do wonder if he’s only the first of the other popular HHN icons who may return as HHN 25 is a big horror show to lead, but if anyone (thing) can kill it on their own, Jack can. He is known as being the master of mayhem and the bringer of chaos and all things Halloween Horror Nights. To us this version of Jack also looks more sinister than ever before and we’re glad that he has returned to offer us a “glimpse of terror” for this year’s scare-tivites taking place at Universal Orlando on select nights from September 18th through November 1st, 2015. Check it out…

Now as we wait for HHN to slowly release the themes for this year’s 9 houses, 5 scare zones, and 2 shows; Jack is inviting us to sign up and pledge allegance to him as one of his “Maniacs”. As one of Jack’s Maniacs you’ll be able to know all the secrets of “HNN 25” (or stick with us here at Scare Zone).


Speaking of HHN 25 secrets, we did discover a survey Universal has out asking which of the following themes are the most appealing/scary to us (with the disclaimer that the Television and movie titles are provided as examples only, and may or may not reflect material used in past Halloween Horror Nights events):

Action Horror
(Blade, Resident Evil, Underworld)
Comedy Horror
(Shaun of the Dead, Scary Movie, A Haunted House)
Psychological Horror
(The Ring, The Exorcist, Insidious)
Science Fiction Horror
(Alien, Cloverfield, War of the Worlds)
(Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Scream)
(28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, World War Z)
Classic Horror
(Frankenstein, Werewolves, Vampires)

Our friends over at HHNRUMORS have their own guesses with what they believe to be the official leaked list. If this is all true it’ll be a big year indeed:

  1. The Walking Dead (the dead will never die at HHN)
  2. Freddy vs Jason (this is a nice mashup of some of horror’s biggest slasher icons)
  3. Insidious (likely based on the 3rd movie which we expect will be available to buy when HHN rolls around) 
  4. Scream (MTV has a new Scream TV series this summer so this will likely be based on this version)
  5. American Werewolf in London (one of the most popular mazes in HHN history)
  6. Hallow’d Past 2 (a nostalgic trip back through HHN prop warehouse the worse HHN terrors live on)
  7. Alice in Wonderland 3D (classic fairy-scary tale based house returns)
  8. Run (we loved this choose your own path maze and all the maniacs running inside)
  9. Blizzard (a Body Collectors and Shadybrook mash-up) 

Comment below on which themes you’d like and expect to see at HHN 25. For more information on HHn 25 tickets visit their website and stay tuned as we anxiously await the 9 houses to be revealed.