Pittsburgh is a very scary city to be during haunt season and this weekend two LEGENDARY Haunted Attractions will premiere at ScareHouse in Pittsburgh. The fear experts at ScareHouse have joined forces with LEGENDARY Entertainment to create two all-new attractions based on the twisted imagination of Michael Dougherty, the writer/director of the films Trick ‘r Treat and Krampus. ScareHouse exists within a 100-year-old haunted building where designers, artists, and veteran fear experts combine genuine history with modern technological magic to create a haunted house experience unlike any other attraction.

Here are the details of whats happening inside when the holidays collide. 



Krampus: Come All Ye Fearful – The legend of Krampus is awoken! ScareHouse’s team of scenic and special effects artists have collaborated directly with Dougherty and LEGENDARY to bring many of Krampus’ mischievous underlings from the upcoming film to life within the haunted attraction Krampus: Come All Ye Fearful. Guests will gain the rare opportunity to admire actual props, costumes, and practical creatures from the film before entering a highly immersive attraction that follows the legacy of Krampus, the iconic figure of dark folklore as old as Christmas itself. Visitors to ScareHouse will journey through generations of holiday horror and encounters with demonic minions before a final confrontation with the ancient subversive force of darkness that rises to haunt the naughty, bringing terror and mayhem in his wake.


Trick ‘r Treat: Hallowed Grounds –  is a truly ground-breaking and eye-popping tribute to an iconic figure beloved by Halloween and horror fans across the globe. Guests follow Sam, who represents the true heart of Halloween, as he leads them into a giant black and white pop-up book brought to fiendish life. Those who break the rules of All Hallows Eve risk facing tragic consequences before midnight!

The Summoning – In addition to experiencing the new attractions based on the films Krampus and Trick ‘r Treat, guests will return to the mysterious halls of The Summoning, an elaborate haunted attraction with a masterful blend of art and the macabre set in October 1932 which explores a hidden world of secret societies, arcane rituals, and demonic visitors.


The Basement*: Fear researcher and sociologist Margee Kerr, PhD brings the science of scaring to the creative team of the Basement. Building from research on what scares people from a social, psychological, and physiological perspective the Basement takes customers on an interactive journey built to push them outside their comfort zone, challenge their expectations, and scare the hell out them each step of the way.

*Separate admission. All guests must be 18 or older and must sign waiver before entering The Basement. Guests will be touched, blindfolded and restrained. This attraction contains high voltage effects involving electricity, very low lighting, tight spaces, strong scents, profanity, moments of complete darkness, water, physical contact, violent situations, and high impact scares.

Tickets, dates or operation, and more information on “Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Haunted House” are available online at www.scarehouse.com and their Facebook page. Follow Creative Director and co-owner Scott Simmons on Instagram and Twitter via @ScareHouseScott and watch exclusive videos on www.youtube.com/TheScareHouse