Whether you just visited them last Halloween season, or you haven’t set foot through their creaky doors in years, Brighton Asylum boasts one of the world’s scariest and most interactive haunted houses. All custom special effects, huge moving interactive sets, and actor driven animatronics trying to devour you, it’s scares at every turn!

Brighton’s industrial complex, a series of old and decrepit warehouses, was used for housing mentally unstable and psychologically damaged individuals back in the mid 1940’s.  Many of these patients were quite violent, and often needed to be isolated for staff and patient protection.  The most violent patients were housed in the main central building, most commonly referred to as Brighton Asylum.  Minimal risk patients were housed in building B, located adjacent to Brighton Asylum.  A beneath ground service tunnel spans the full length of the complex which allows staff to travel from outside, to any building within the complex, without having to pass through the high risk and centrally located Brighton Asylum unless needed.  This tunnel was also used for medical deliveries to other buildings, and to keep prying eyes of the public away from seeing what was going on inside Brighton Asylum.

Years of extremely harsh living conditions, grotesque medical experiments, staff disappearances, and screams spilling into the residential areas during the night, resulted in the state permanently closing the facility in 1952 pending a full investigation. No such results of an investigation can be found to date.

After 59 years of sitting unexposed, decaying and cut off from the public, Brighton Asylum reopened in 2011 as a haunted attraction. Its creaky doors were open once again, and ever since, thousands of people have been exploring its hallways and rooms where hundreds of patients lost their minds. The many unthinkable events that took place between the mid 1940’s and 1952, are still waiting to be fully uncovered.

Many say when you enter Brighton Asylum, it shows you things,..things you can’t forget. They say once you venture through those doors, you enter the minds of its patients and it changes you…forever


Brighton Asylum and its attractions underwent massive renovations in 2015, with even more renovations in 2016 that included incredible new jaw dropping sets, scares and over the top special effects. For 2017, they will once again try to outdo themselves which they have become to be known for!

The Today Show called them “The Scariest Place On Earth”. It’s hilarious (to us) to listen to Tamron Hall of The Today Show explain how her trip to Brighton Asylum landed her in the hospital, click here. To read about the legend of Brighton Asylum, click here.

Haunted Attraction Magazine named Brighton Asylum top 4 “must see” haunted attraction in the country in 2015! In 2016, Buzzfeed called Brighton Asylum one of the top haunted attractions IN THE WORLD! You can read the article here. If you are looking for gimmicks and hype, you won’t find it at Brighton Asylum.

This year’s attractions includes:

  • Brighton Asylum Maze
  • The Tunnel Maze
  • The Horror Museum: A new collection of costumes and props from popular horror movies such as Underworld, 1408, and Resident Evil
  • 4 Escape Rooms: The Tomb, 1408 Escape, The Device, and Bomb Squad


Please visit their website for more information and tickets.