After a tough search for a new 2019 location, it appears that the very popular and still very young haunt “Into the Black” has had to give up the ghost.

After announcing on Facebook in June that details about the location and tickets would be announced “soon,” a follow-up on July 30 indicated that the much-loved attraction would not be opening its doors this year.

Into the Black terrorized haunt fans for two years and even earned a Scare Zone special “666” scare factor rating in its opening season. Its amazing combination of artful set design and costuming, an in-depth backstory told through a virtual reality experience, and the promise that every victim had to walk through alone made it a standout in the haunt scene. Last year, they expanded their event, calling it “HorrorWorld,” which included multiple attractions as well as a vendor area. Although the attractions were fantastic, the setting inside a shopping mall was a bit of a detraction from the overall atmosphere. But we were looking forward to seeing what they came up with in their new location and are truly saddened to hear that it won’t be returning.

We hope this isn’t the final word on Into the Black and that it can be resurrected in some form in the future. The creator, Larry Bones (of Boneyard Effects fame), is a true legend in the Halloween and haunt community, and there’s no doubt people will flock to his next idea. We’re rooting for a comeback.