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Over the past few years, The Fleshyard has been quietly making a name for itself among the numerous Halloween attractions in Orange County. Last year, it was a stand-out attraction at HorrorWorld, where we gave its haunt design a 5-star rating. Even though HorrorWorld didn’t return this year, we’re happy to report that The Fleshyard is back.


This year, The Fleshyard shares space with a pumpkin patch in Anaheim. The exterior is simple and doesn’t give away too much of the backstory or what to expect within the walls. Our first (and maybe best) scare of the night actually came before we exited our car, as a creepy actor was out in the parking lot, stalking guests as they arrived. This fun “welcome” put us in a great mood, and we were ready for more.

The haunt follows the backstory of the Kearney family and their untimely murder in the 1800s. The scenes consist of period-appropriate settings such as the Kearney homestead, and their slaughterhouse, as well as characters like cowboy types and the demented Kearney family members themselves.

The actors are great at staying in character and they have a lot of dialogue to help you understand the backstory as you walk through. Many of the sets are very well done, although the lights from the tent structure in the pumpkin patch was just a little too bright. We also visited on their opening night, and there were still some last-minute touches being put on the show. Still, we got a few great scares in here.

We do think the quality of the haunt was a little diminished compared with their showing at HorrorWorld last year. This might be because some scenes were unfinished on opening weekend, or maybe the pumpkin patch location isn’t as conducive to putting on their full haunt. Regardless, we still had a great time. The Fleshyard is a fun and scary local haunt, and if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out this year.

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