Details are still vague about the 13th-floor tour at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, but according to, the 13 rooms will include a seance room, a “crazy catering room,” and a “bellman gone mad room.” What about the other 10 rooms? We don’t know yet, but we’re dying to find out.

Note that these 13th-floor tours begin at 2 pm, whereas the Fright Dome itself doesn’t open until 7. We applaud Circus Circus for extending the terror into the afternoon hours.

Check out the great article on about Fright Dome creator Jason Egan’s warehouse. It includes some photos of what you can expect to see this year. For example:


  1. hi there names jessica i am a actress on the 13th floor its 13 rooms all with diff theams i cant give them away but everyone sound come n cheack it out its 13 dollers to get it and u wil be scared out of your mind alot of times we have ppl run out or checkin out at the gate its now open 3 to 11 so u can come later everyone enjoy!

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