Only in the UK can you spend the night in a haunted hotel room, witness the Human Centipede live, and experience a multitude of year round and traveling haunted attractions. Now, across the pond those “Crazy Brits” are taking the terror to an even higher level with the first ever camping haunt experience called Horror Camp Live. For all of us who grew up fearing summer camps because of Jason and the all other backwoods crazies who stalk them; you better dose up on your anxiety meds or stay at home as this won’t be the camping trip for you.


On Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, in July, brave souls and scardy cats alike can pitch a tent at the overnight immersive experience, based in the fictional Campground Mass Acre (ha, get it?). For 13 hours, campers will become part of an interactive living horror game.

As darkness falls on the campground, campers meet around the fire to enjoy a two course buffet style meal while watching one of the latest horror movies, but all is not what it seems, as the terrifying night ahead becomes all too apparent, and Lockjaw – the demented serial killer, makes his presence known.

Horror Camp Live! challenges campers to undertake a series of dare games, during which they will be split up from the rest of the group. Each campers experience will be different, but all will include content which is intended to shock, scare and entertain. Campers will navigate around a series of indoor and outdoor environments during the experience, with shocks, surprises and scares at every turn.

Suitable for those aged 18 and over, Horror Camp Live! is perfect for stag and hen parties, team building events and celebrations. It is also available exclusively to groups of 30 or more. Those aged between 14 and 18 may attend, but each must be accompanied by an adult over 18.

The experience begins at 8.00pm and concludes at 2am, leaving six hours for sleeping, before breakfast at 8.15am. Survivors leave the site at 9.00am, 13 hours after they arrived.

Bored of traditional camping holidays? Visited all the scare attractions the UK has to offer? Love horror movies, books and games? Then why not try scare entertainment as it has never been seen before, you will have one hell of a time.

Horror Camp Live! Who dares wins…

Click here for more information and to buy tickets: Horror Camp Live


  1. My boyfriend and I are dyingggg (pun intended) to attend! Where do we sign up and what are the prices?????

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