Victim Experience

Freakling Bros., the little haunt in Las Vegas that is gaining recognition as one of the most terrifying, disorienting, and all-around awesome haunts in the entire country, has decided that it’s just not scary enough. Last October, they debuted “The Victim Experience,” an extreme horror experience that tested the limits of guests—an experience that only 30% of paying victims made it through. And now, by popular demand, Freakling Bros. is bringing it back for a special run this March! So if you missed it last October, now is your chance for some off-season extreme terror.

From their Web site:

Freakling Bros. Proudly Presents… our first ever off season event: THE VICTIM EXPERIENCE: MARCH OF DEATH.  A twisted, Masochistic, and utterly Hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker.  This experience is not for most.  This experience is not “fun.”  But most importantly, there is nothing quite like this ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY.  All ticket sales will be online.  There are a limited amount of tickets available and they will sell out.  THIS WILL NOT BE OFFERED DURING HALLOWEEN SEASON!

There has been some whining online about the high ticket cost for this ($185, + online service charge). but we think this price is actually a bargain. First of all, this is an extremely personalized experience. The actors/torturers will be entirely focused on you. They won’t be shaking a can at a conga line, like in most haunts. Second, there are a lot of perks included with this price, including a “special” shuttle ride, a “decompression” lounge that includes beverages and snacks, and a survivor shirt (if you make it through, and that’s a big if). Not to mention the bragging rights you’ll get for being able to claim you attempted (and maybe even survived) the most intense haunted attraction in the country.

If you’re on the fence about doing this, be warned that this will not be offered in October. So don’t miss your chance this March. Tickets are limited and will be sold online only through February 20th.

For more information and to buy tickets, check out The Victim Experience site.