First up for Universal Orlando’s #HHN25 is the confirmation of the long rumored Freddy vs. Jason house!


Freddy and Jason last appeared at Horror Nights in 2007, when each had their own maze. Now we get to have both of the most iconic horror movie killers of all time terrorize us together at Halloween Horror Nights 25. The house will feature “iconic kills” from the movies, as victims (guests) make their ways through the respective killers’ worlds. The terror will begin on Jason’s turf at the bloody campgrounds of Camp Crystal Lake. Those who survive will then make their way to 1428 Elm Street into Freddy Krueger’s broiler room of horrific nightmares. After they’ve taken care of all their victims, they’ll then place their gruesome sights on each other for a finale that will place us right in the middle of the Freddy vs. Jason fight. This is where knife gloves and machetes come out for an epic horror battle to the bloody end. 

Universal doesn’t want to pick the winner so to increase the repeatability and surprise of the house the winner of the Freddy vs. Jason battle will continue to change depending on when you go through it. Either way, Winner Kills All!’ 

This is the first of 9 haunts expected to terrorize us at #HHN25 this year. This is a great start and we can’t wait to hear what more they have in store for us.