Chamber of Horrors NY is back with an all new  show for 2015 with uniquely themed attractions and events.

For the 2015 Halloween season they’re offering Trilogy of Fear , three ALL NEW scare attractions Fridays & Saturdays this fall.


Maniac Manor – Miss Fortune’s home is where the heart is…as well as various other body parts!

Toxic City – Contamination. Infection. Outbreak. Mutants & Mayhem with you in the middle!

Witch Asylum – Visiting day descends into chaos as a you meet a little girl with a very big secret.

Chamber_of_Horrors_01-1Sunday nights Chamber of Horrors NY goes dark with Kill the Light , where you navigate all three attractions in total darkness with only a single glow stick to guide you. Rest assured, the things that go bump in the night will see you before you see them!

Finally, the ever-controversial A Very Scary Xmas, where you are stalked by Santa and his minions of cannibalistic elves, zombie snowmen and other twisted Christmas characters you grew up loving.

Scare Zone Readers  can take advantage of their Limited Time Preseason Ticket Special –
Use promo code FORTUNE and save $5 per ticket!
Offer valid thru 8/9 & may not be combined w/other offers
Full season tickets go on sale mid-August